Q. List Of Dark Ro Command?
A. Go To Essential Tab menu or click HERE

Q. How to use macro

Q.How to earn zeny?
A. There so many way to earn zeny, by hunting consumable items like YGG, BOT and BTS quest items.
Do buy and sell ( buy LOW, Sell HIGH)

Q.How to level up faster?
A. I suggest make a wizard as your first character.
  • Go to prt_fild08 then kill poring
  • @go 0 after you killed poring then change Job to mage (Make sure to use all your skill points first, Other wise it won't allow you to change Job.
  • Go to prt_fild08 again and kill poring , add napalm lvl 4 then soul strike lvl9 or 10
  • After that Go to @warp pay_dun00 then kill some skeleton till level 30-40
  • Then warp to pay_dun01-04 after you gain level,
  • Now when you reach lvl 50 job make sure to job change to wizard
  • then do the same after you reach lvl50 job level, Convert to High Wizard even if you don't reach lvl 100, it allow you to change Job as long as you reach Job level50 as wizard
  • Now level some job points again, don't forget to warp to gl_prison if sohee wont give you enough exp to level up, when you reach instant cast, its time to go to lvl_dun3.
  • cast then warp repeat this please avoid being hit because you will be instant dead.
  • Now if you have enough level got mvm warper and hunt dopple ganger card for your main character, don't delete wizard you will need it to Hunt items or To bot for items ^_^
Q. I cant warp to lvl_dun1-3 (lhz_dun clone) ?
A. You need permit to warp to lvl_dun1-3 by @go 20 then talk to leveling guide npc just above you.
You need to pay him 1,000,000 (1m) to enable warping or entering lvl_dun1-3 ( no item drops)
or 10,000,000 (10m) for lvl_dun1-3 + lvl_cursed (cursed seal hunting) or 9,000,000 (9m) if you already pay for lvl_dun1-3 .  at least we have 1m discount if we already unlock lvl_dun.

Q. Can I bot to dark-ro?
A. Ofcourse just don't make yourself caught!!!! ^_^ :D

Q. How to make YGG BOX?
A. Talk to YGG Trader, Look at the SS below

Q. Invasion time in the Philippines
A. 5:00AM, 1:00PM, 9:00PM

Q. Where can I find father of the Valkyrie crafter?
A. You need finished BTS, his referring to KEIKI

Q. Why do I get "Server connection closed" message everytime I login?
A. You've been banned. It's a new way of banning that GMs have started to use.

Q. Why do I get "Disconnected from the server" message everytime I login?

A. You've been IP-banned, either temporary or permanently. It might be because you typed 3 or 5 times wrong your password, which will give you 15min-1hour IP-Ban. Also sometimes srever goes wacko and disconnects nearly everyone.

Q. Why do I get "Failed to connect to the server" message everytime I login?
A. Thats because character, login or mapserver has crashed and you can't connect to it.

Q. What is an castle drop and where to get it?
A. Castle drop is an rare item that you'll need if you want to make valkyrie items.

Q. What is break the seal (BTS) and what do I get for doing it?
A. BTS is an quest which will need massive amount of different items. After you've done the quest, you'll be awarded with one random castle drop. You can now also make valkyrie items. All npc exact location is listed at valkyrie quest

Q. Where do I make Vakyrie Helm?
A. Even though it sounds like you could actually make it (since other valkyrie items can be made), you can't. It's donation only, but can be traded or bought for a price ingame.

Q. Where do I make Dragon Wings?
A. You can't make Dragon Wings. They are donation only, but some of the donators sell Dragon wings for a price ingame.

Q. Why do I get "Binkw32.dll is missing" message whenever I start my client? How do I fix it?
A. You are probably missing kro(rag_setup). You just need to install kro. 

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