Complete Quest

Dark Ro Complete Command
eAthena Commands

@autoloot <percent (o to 100)> : Autoloots items with lower drop rates than percent.
@autotrade : Allows you to vend online while client closed.
@changegm <guild member name> : Change guild leader.
@go <location/number> : Warps you to specific location. (do @go for a list)
@gstorage : Opens guild storage.
@idsearch <(part of) item name> : Returns corresponding item ID.
@ii <item id/name> : Displays item information.
@jailtime : Returns remaining jail time.
@me <message> : Displays message in a /me IRC style.
@mi <mob id/name> : Displays monster information.
@hominfo : Returns info on your homunculus.
@homtalk <message> : Makes your homunculus talk.
@showexp : Displays EXP earned while leveling.
@storage : Opens Storage.
@time : Returns server time.
@warp <map name> <x> <y> : Warps you to given map. (x and y optional)
@who2 <player name> : Returns basic information on online players. (name optional)
@whodrops <item id/name> : Returns monsters given item.

Custom Commands made by and for DarkRO

@autolootitem <item id/name> : Autoloots given item.
autolootitem secrets
did you know you can loot 5 specific items at the same time in dark ro
  •  @autolootitem "item name" 1
  •  @autolootitem "item name" 2
  •  @autolootitem "item name" 3
  •  @autolootitem "item name" 4
  •  @autolootitem "item name" 5
Without "

 @bot <(part of) player name> : Send alert message to online GMs for a possible bot.
@commands : Display this message.
@dance <number of moves (10 to 200)> <speed (0 to 5)> : Makes you dance.
@garbage : Allows you to bypass dropping delay but items will disappear when dropped.
@lock/@unlock : Lock or Unlock your account (talk to Security NPC to set up a password)
@noallychat : Filters alliance chat or not. (PM to 'Alliance' to use alliance chat)
@nobc : Filters broadcasting messages from players. (not GMs)
@pk : Changes your PK state so that you may attack/be attacked or not by other players.
@rcs <Question> : Warp you to the Helper's town and creates a chatroom with your question.
@seeitems : Shows item or not on the floor. (useful for PVP)
@sleep/@afk/@brb : Makes you sleep.
@ss <item id/name> : Searches player's shop for given item.
@status : Displays a list of the states you're in.
@viewpk : Allows you to see which PK state others have.

Custom @go locations

@go mall : Warps you to the shopping mall.
@go base : Warps any siths to the sith base.
@go pvp : Warps you randomly to the PVP Izlude.
@go gvp : Warps you randomly to GVG Prontera.
@disco : Warps you to dancefloor in Comodo.
@go dun1/2/3/cursed : Warps you to any of the custom leveling dungeons.

RO Commands

/notalkmsg or /nm : General chats will not be shown in your chatbox only whispers, party chat, gm announcement and guild chats are allowed.
/notalkmsg2 or /nm2 : Same function as /notalkmsg (/nm) but this time even guild chat is blocked.
/noctrl or /nc : Automatically attacks the monster without pressing the ctrl key.
/noshift or /ns : Able to attack/cast spell on players without pressing the shift key. Can also be used for Resurrection Bombing (Ygdrassil Leaf) and Heal Bombing.
/bingbing : Rotates your character counter-clockwise.
/bangbang : Rotates your character clockwise.
/doridori : Turns character's head left/right.
/aura : toggles on/off aura effect.
/set1 : Switches /noctrl, /showname, and /skillfail "on" if they're "off" or vice versa.
/lightmap : Toggles on/off the use lightmap from the RO set up
/fog : Toggles on/off the enable fog from the RO set up
/mineffect : Simplifies effects.
/font : Makes your character name appear above you instead of below you.
/quickspell or /q1 : Use the skill assigned on the F9 hotkey by right-clicking.
/quickspell2 or /q2 : Rolling mousewheel upward to use the skill assigned in F8, rolling mousewheel downward to use the skill assigned in F7.
/miss : Toggles the “Miss” sign when you miss hitting a target.
/notrade or /nt : Automatically cancels trade request from other players. (Use this in WOE please)
/battlemode or /bm : Typing it will cause the following:

Q - O keys will correspond as F1~F9 for skill shortcut bar #2.
A - L keys will correspond as F1~F9 for skill shortcut bar #3
Z - > keys will correspond as F1~F9 for skill shortcut bar #1

You cannot chat while this command is activated, if you do want to chat press "space bar" once and type what you want to say then enter.
Chatbox changes into a purplish color whenever /bm command is enabled.

Chat box when /bm is active

Chat box when bm command is disabled

/skillfail or /sf : Removes the "Skill Failed" message.
/showname : Changes your character's name display and font
/emotion : Shows the current emoticon listing
/emblem : Removes guild emblem
/h or /help : Displays the list of Commands/keys available.
/memo : Memorizes warp point. (For Acolyte/Priest/Monk/Super Novice class only)
/savechat : Saves your chat log.
/where : Displays your current location including the x,y coordinates.
/w or /who : Displays current number of players online.
/sit : Makes your character sit, otherwise it make your character stand.
/stand : If your character is sitting it makes your character stand, otherwise it make your character sit.
/effect : Toggles magic/item effect on/off.
/skip : Lowers your frame rate speed
/tip : Displays the tip of the day.
/bgm : Toggles background music on and off.
/sound : Toggles sound effects on and off.
/v (0-127) : Adjusts the sound effect volume.
/bv (0-127) : Adjusts the BGM volume.
/ex : Displays a list of all the characters you have ignored.
/ex (Character name) : Ignores the specified character.
/exall : Blocks all whispers from anyone.
/inall : Accepts all pm from anyone.
/in (Character name) : Un-ignores the specified character.
/chat : Opens the create chatroom dialogue box.
/camera : Toggles camera zooming on and off.
/q : leaves a chat room.
/snap : Snaps the battle cursor on or off.
/skillsnap : Snaps the skill cursor on or off.
/itemsnap : Snaps your cursor to pick up items on or off.
$ <message> (i.e. $Hello) : Sends a message to your guild.
%<message> (i.e. %Hello) : Sends a message to your party.
Note: When a command is activated there will now be a notice if it is ON or OFF.
/blacksmith : Displays your Blacksmith's/Whitesmith's ranking on the fame system.
/alchemist : Displays your Alchemist's/Creator's ranking on the fame system.
/am or /automsg : An Auto Message that you can edit so that when AFK the client will automatically message the person who PMs you.

Keyboard Shortcuts

ESC : Open/Close menu to end the game or return to the main menu
Insert : Character Sit/Stand. (Basic Skill Level 3 Required)
Page Up or Page Down : Scroll up or down while in the text windows. (Mouse wheel can be used as well)
Shift + click on Character : Follow a character that was clicked on (left or right click on character using mouse)
Ctrl + tab : Adjust the mini map's mode (transparency off / on / no mini map)
Ctrl + v : Activate / Minimize Basic Info window
Alt + a or Ctrl + a : Open / Close Status window, Activate / Minimize Status window
Alt + q or Ctrl + q : Open / Close Equipment window, Activate / Minimize Equipment window
Alt + o or Ctrl + o : Open / Close Option window, Activate / Minimize Option window
Alt + e or Ctrl + e : Open / Close Inventory window, Activate / Minimize Inventory window
Alt + h : Open / Close Friend window
Alt + I : Open / Close Friends Setup window
Alt + z : Open / Close Party window
Alt + p : Open / Close Party Setup window
Alt + c : Open / Close Chat room window
Alt + s : Open / Close Skill Tree window
Alt + F10 : Open / Close Chat window
ALT + M : Shortcut Keys window
Shift + Click Direction : Change where your character is facing to the direction you click without moving
ALT + D : Open / Close Arrange Detail window, Adjust sprite and texture resolution
Alt + Home : Ground cursor on / off
Alt + End : Character Status Bar on / off (HP & SP Bar)
F1 to F9 : Use items or skills in the Hot Key window
F10 : Adjust chat window size
F11 : Exit all windows except Basic Info and chat window
F12 : Open/Change Page of the Hot Key Window
ALT+ Enter : Send your guild a message
CTRL + Enter : Send your party a message
CTRL + SHIFT + Right Click Drag : Change camera angle to the lowest possible
SHIFT + Right Click Drag : Slightly change the camera angle
CTRL + Right Click Drag or Rotate Mouse Wheel : Zoom in/out the camera
CTRL + c : Copy
Shift + Insert : Paste