Friday, September 16, 2011

Thanatos Tower Quest

Thanatos Tower Quest

Step 1

  • Go hu_fild01 140 160  Talk to npc and pay 5k. 
  • Walk down the path and go through the warp portal. 
  • Walk forward and talk to the NPC. You are now officially in. 

Step 2
Brain Problem

Floor 1
  • Walk north, and I'm pretty sure the warp into the next floor is in the middle.
  • Go into the warp?

Floor 2
  • Walk over east, and the NPC is a guy in a red suit.
  • Gather your party members (at least 5) around you.
  • Talk to the NPC and tell him to warp you.

Floor 3
  • Walk southwest, and you should find a "Strange Mechanism"
  • Equip a lvl 4 weapon, and then click it and use your BIG brain to figure out what to do.
  • If you SUCCEEDS, You will obtain a Red Key.
  • Find the portal to the next floor.

Floor 4
  • Walk northwest, you should find another "Strange Mechanism"
  • You must solve a small puzzle. The answer is different all the time.
  • If you SUCCEEDS, You will obtain a Yellow Key.
  • Find the portal to the next floor.

Floor 5

  • Find the next "Strange Mechanism"
  • Gather 3 party members around you and click the mechanism. Use your BIG brain again.
  • If you SUCCEEDS again, You will obtain a Blue Key.
  • Find a portal to the next floor.

Floor 6

  • Find the next "Strange Mechanism"
  • When you click it, choose cogwheels.
  • Adjust the small ones so the first small wheel is Up, and the second one is down.
  • Adjust the large ones so that the first wheel is rotate, the second one is upward, and the third one is upward.
  • You will obtain a green key.
  • Walk to the next floor.

Floor 7/8

  • Walk through floor seven, find floor eight, and then find the warp to floor nine.

Floor 9

  • Find another mechanism (forget where this one is). This one just gives you the key.
  • You will obtain the Black Key.

Step 3
  • Go to Floor 4
  • Find a magical seal. maybe south.
  • When you try to open it, type in "Blue Key".
  • You will obtain a Blue Charm Stone.
  • Do the same thing for floors 5,6,7, and 10.
  • You now have all the Charm Stones.
  • Make your way up to floor 12.
floor 11
  • You click the statue and switch the lever to reverse the portal function, and then you go back into the portal you came from. It will take you up instead of down.

Your are on floor 12.
Go to one of the statues, and type in "Red Magical Stone"
If it doesn't work, try it with Green Magical Stone, Yellow Magical Stone, etc. Until it works.
Rince and repeat for all of the statues.

Go to the center of the room and click the Carving.

You made it to thana_Boss! 


  1. Why i cannot click the Machine in the 5th floor?