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DarkRo Cooking


Cooking is the same as Blacksmiths refining their weapon. You can now cook stat enhancing foods, from level 1 to level 10. The outcome is a cooked food that restores your HP or SP, or some that adds up to your stats depending on the level of food that you have cooked. The up on the stats added depends on the level of cooking item you eat. The food buffs lasts for 20 minutes and is not stackable. It’s not limited to only you eating the stuff you cooked. You can also sell these foods to earn more zennies for your pockets. Before you start heating your stoves and cleaning your pans, you must first do the cooking quest.

Note: Level of food in this guide is that of level 10 only. Level 1-5 foods can be gotten from the NPC Sharle. Level 8-9 are rarely on demand. This explains why level 10 foods are on this guide.


Get a chef hat .
 Buy it or make it, up to you.
To obtain it, you need:

Titicupe    xmas  (117,295)   

1. Talk to Titicupe near north potal in Lutie.
He will ask for these items to be brought to him.
450 Dragon Scale (#1036) [abyss_03]
330 Feather (#949) [moc_fild07]
120 Piece of Cake (#539) [xmas_dun02]
1 White Dyestuff (Quest)

Once you’ve gathered the requirements, talk to Titicupe again to get your very own chef hat.

Cooking Quest

First off, you should wear your chef hat because NPC Sharle will not talk to you if you’re not wearing one. For the quest,

1. Go to Prontera Castle (go through portal north of Prontera Town)
2. Go to left room then talk to Chef Assistant, ask to learn how to cook and he’ll let you talk to his mentor, Sharle.
3. Talk to Sharle. He’ll confirm if you really want to cook. She will ask you to bring ingredients which you will use to make a level 1 dish. This dish is chosen randomly.

Recipe for Level 1 Foods Fried Grasshopper Legs (Str + 1)
• 5 Grasshopper’s Leg (#940) - Rocker [prt_fild07]
• 1 Old Frying Pan (#7031) - Magnolia [moc_fild011 ,16, 17]
• 1 Cooking Oil - Food Seller [yuno 130 173 ] Grape Juice Herbal Tea (Int + 1)
• 2 Red Potion - Potion Seller at right side of Mall
• 3 Grape(#514) - Marse [iz_dun02] Steamed Crab Nippers (Vit + 1)
• 1 Yellow Potion - Potion Seller at right side of Mall
• 10 Green Herb (#511) - Argiope [mjolnir_05]
• 10 Nipper (#960) - Vadon [iz_dun01 ] Frog Egg Squid Ink Soup (Agi + 1)
• Bag of Grain x 1 - Food Seller [ayothaya 202 177]
• 10 Spawn (#908) - Thara Frog [beach_dun3]
• 1 Squid Ink (#1024) - Marse [iz_dun02] Honey Grape Juice (Dex+ 1)
• 1 Red Potion- Potion Seller at right side of Mall
• 2 Grape (#514) - Marse [iz_dun02]
• 1 Honey (#518) - Bigfoot [pay_fild09] Fried Monkey Tails (Luk + 1)
• 5 Yoyo Tail (#942) - Yoyo [prt_fild03]
• 1 Old Frying Pan - Magnolia [moc_fild05]
• 1 Cooking Oil - Ingredient Seller [yuno 130 173]

4. After gathering the items asked, talk to Sharle and he will make a level 1 dish for you using the items he asked.
5. Talk to the Chef Assistant. he will congratulate you for learning how to cook and will give you a level 1 cookbook.
6. Talk to him again and choose “Talk about cooking”. Persuade him to taste your food. He’ll then ask you to make one of each level 1 food. Refer to guide above.
7. After making all 6 of Level 1 foods, talk to the Chef Assistant again and ask him to taste your food. Instead of tasting it, he will give you a Leather Pouch and will ask you to give it to his friend located in Payon.
8. Talk to Cooking Friend located in Payon (payon 209 125) and give the pouch to him.
9. Return to Prontera castle and talk to Chef Assistant and he will give you Home cooking kit as a reward.

Cooking +10Foods


As said, the number of stats added depends upon the level of food eaten. Level of cookbook need depends on the level of food you want to cook. You can obtain level 1-5 cookbooks by talking to Sharle. He will give you the cookbook in exchange for some items and you would have to return the previous cookbook she has lent you. Level 6-10 cookbooks are dropped by mobs at a certain rate. Level 10 cookbooks are dropped by Maya Purple [gld_dun03]. Level 10 cookbook is what we need to cook +10 foods.

Cooking Sets

One of the criteria in the success of cooking is the quality of cooking set used. The better the cooking set, the higher the success rate of your cooking. Available cooking sets are as follows.
• Outdoor Cooking Kit - sold by Chef Assistant
• Home Cooking Set - sold by Chef Assistant
• Professional Cooking Kit 12127 - Magnolia [moc_fild09]
• Royal Cooking Kit 12128- Alice [kh_dun01]
• Fantastic Cooking Kit 12129 - Lady Tanee (MVP)

After having prepared your cookbook and you’re cooking set you are ready to cook. You can cook by double clicking the set you are going to use.

Recipe for Level 10 Foods Steamed Tongue (Str + 10)
2 Blue Potion - Potion Seller at right side of Mall
5 Royal Jelly (#526) Anolian [cmd_fild03]
2 Aloevera (#606) Petite [mjonir_03]
10 Yggdrasil Leaf - Food Seller [payon 209 125]
1 Alcohol (#970) Horong [pay_fild11]
20 Tongue (#1015) Rybio [gl_prison1]
1 Spicy Sauce - Food Seller [payon 209 125]
1 Pot - Food Seller [prontera 156 210] Dragon Breath Cocktail (Int + 10)
10 Blue Herb (#510) Blue Plant [ein_fild10]
5 Aloe Leaflet (#521) Flora [mjolnir_11]
5 Royal Jelly (#526) Anolian [cmd_fild03]
5 Lemon (#568) Clock [ c_tower2]
5 Prickly Fruit (#576) Beholder [airplane_01]
1 Yggdrasil Berry (#607) Baphomet Jr. [prt_maze03]
1 Singing Plant (#707) Rocker [prt_fild07]
10 Maneater Root (#1033) Geographer [ein_fild04] Hwergelmir's Tonic (Dex + 10)
4 Royal Jelly (#526) Anolian [cmd_fild03]
2 Prickly Fruit (#576) Beholder [airplane_01]
1 Yggdrasil Berry (#607) Baphomet Jr. [prt_maze03]
3 Concentration Potion - Potion Seller at right side of Mall
1 Illusion Flower (#710) Shining Plant [ odin_tem03]
5 Alcohol (#970) Horong [pay_fild11]
10 Ice Cubic (#7066) Siroma [ice_dun01]
10 Bacillus (#7119) Anopheles [hu_fild05] Steamed Desert Scorpions (Agi + 10)
10 Royal Jelly (#526) Anolian [cmd_fild03]
2 Aloevera (#606) Petite [mjonir_03]
3 Yggdrasil Leaf (#610) Baphomet [prt_maze03]
3 Bitter Herb (#621) Green Plant [yuno_fild01]
20 Scorpion Tail (#904) Scorpion [ moc_fild08] , also dropped by Gigs
20 Scorpion Claw (#7125) Gig [mag_dun02]
1 Spicy Sauce - Food Seller [payon 209 125]
1 Pot - Food Seller [prontera 156 210] Immortal Stew (Vit +10)
2 Anodyne (#605) Beholder [ airplane_01]
1 Yggdrasil Seed (#608) Alligator [cmd_fild01]
10 Amulet (#609) Bongun [pay_dun02]
2 Bitter Herb (#621) Green Plant [yuno_fild01]
20 Immortal Heart (#929) Verit [moc_pryd05]
10 Memento (#934) Soldier Skeleton [pay_dun01]
10 Heart of Mermaid (#950) Obeaune [iz_dun02]
2 Spicy Sauce - Food Seller [payon 209 125] Cooked Nine Tail (Luk + 10)
4 Yggdrasil Leaf - Food Seller [payon 209 125]
2 Four Leaf Clover (#706) Rafflesia [yuno_fild05]
2 Izidor (#709) Harpy [yuno_fild07]
10 Nine Tails (#1022) Nine Tail [pay_dun04]
10 Maneater Root (#1033) Geographer [ein_fild04]
10 Sharp Leaf (#7100) Dryad [um_fild01]
1 Yellow Spice – Food Seller [prontera 156 210]
1 Savory Sauce – Food Seller [prontera 156 210]

Tips and Tricks

In hunting for alcohol, it is easier to make alcohol using your creator’s skill cultivation and using any AOE skill of your high wiz. Yes, you are dual logged. For more info about this click here.

Know the trick about autolooting multiple items. Don’t know how? Click here.

Yes. You can borrow/ buy another player’s chef hat.

Some +10 stat foods are dropped by mobs.
  • Immortal Stew –Hydro
  • Hwergelmir's Tonic – Lady Tanee
  • Dragon Breath Cocktail - Detale

Credits Lady_Airene 
Some Error correction made by: darkroguides

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