Legend - Original scripts from other sources (mostly from eAthena)
- Original scripts from other sources modified for DarkRO
- Specially created by us for DarkRO

  • Father of the Valkyrie crafter  " KEIKI"  center of prontera
  •  4 years anniversary hat                  ayothaya 71 154
  • Bunch Of Carnation                              yuno_in03 99 188
  • Nile Rose                                               gef_tower 112 23
  • Valkyrie Armor                                      prt_monk 96 195
  • Valkyrie's Manteau                                lighthalzen 315 322
  • Valkyrie's Shield                                    izlu2dun 116 186
  • Valkyrie Shoes                                       hugel 160 222
  • Vidar's Boots                                         odin_temp01 131 134
  • YGG Trader  CENTER lower left side beside pole

  On Both DarkRO and DarkRO Force

 Titicupe                   xmas  (117,295)       "Vending Machine Man "Chef Hat Quest"
 Elven Ears QuestGeffen - (127,49)Gives quest for Elven Ears
Fashion GlassesIzlude - (135,96)Gives quest for Fashion Glasses
Iron Cain QuestPayon - (109,118)Gives quest for Iron Cain
Old WomanProntera - (165,178)Gives quest to get the Berzebub Card
PollProntera - (161,185)Allows you to vote in Polls
PVP BlackjackInside Prontera - (222,36)Allows you to play Blackjack with your friends
Race GirlMorocc - (166,105)Allows you to be part of a race in Morocc
Son MudoGonryu - (180,117)Gives access to Tougijou (Arena) Event
Sunglasses TraderAlberta - (88,193)Gives quest to get Slotted Sunglasses
WarperAlmost on every mapsWarps you to almost anywhere
2-2 Class ShopProntera - (155,216)Sells you lots of equips and stuffs
Adoption ManProntera Church - (166,176)Allows a couple to adopt a lvl 1/1 novice
Bank ClerkProntera - (131,190)Stores your money in the bank (for a little fee)
Battle Square ArenaProntera - (146,145)Allows you to fight against mobs and win BSA points
Black Jack DealerProntera - (146,156)Offers you to play some Black Jack
BroadcasterProntera - (183,215)Send messages for you accross the whole map or server
Frederick SecondProntera Church - (100,123)Can marry two players
GM CastleProntera - (146,234)Warps GMs to the GM Castle
HealerAlmost in every citiesHeals you for a fee (free on Force)
Lotto NPCProntera - (164,170)1/2500 chance to win the jackpot (1/10000 on Force)
Message ManProntera - (139,22)Write or read messages on the board
Reset GirlProntera - (150,193)Resets your skills for a fee
Stock MarketProntera - (140,181)Allows you to invest in stocks
StylistProntera - (170,180)Can change you hair color and style
Angel of PronteraTravels around in PronteraTells you which GMs are online
IrukaLouyang - (272,112)Chuunin that will make you pass the Genin exam
Novice GuideProntera - (146,161)Gives you a Novice Starter kit
Orc MasterProntera - (145,209)Removes the green "orcish" head effect
Valkyrie CrafterGonryun - (37,22)Can craft refined wings out of this world
Wings CollectorProntera - (98,198)Crafts wings (Devil, Angel Wings, ...)
 Only on DarkRO 
Mister MobryNiflheim - (204,179)Gives quest to get Dead Branch (+BB - 0.01% chance)
LK's ServantGeffen - (115,107)Lord Kaho's Horns quests
Shady ManProntera - (126,186)Gives information to access the Black Market (for a fee)
  Only on DarkRO Force
Card RemoverInside Prontera - (28,73)Gives quest so that you can extract cards from equips
Fisherman SamMorocc - (139,139)Teaches you how to fish
Master MineMt. Mjolnir - (119,347)Teaches you how to mine
MVP Egg SummonerProntera - (181,191)Summons MVP Egg for a fee
Platinum SkillProntera - (128,200)Assigns quests skills for each classes
Universal RentalProntera - (122,200)Warps you to the MVP arena
Job MasterProntera - (153,193)Changes your job
Kafra BankProntera - (131,190)Bank with an interest percentage
MVP WarperProntera - (150,189)Warps you to the MVP arena
Shopping MallProntera - (161,189)Warps you to the shopping mall
Auto-Revive-When dying, 'Morning Dew of Yggdrasil' will resurrect you
C3PO & R2D2Prontera - (144,151)Introduces you to the Force and more...
Credit AgentProntera - (128,213)Exchange your zeny for Credits
Dead Branch RoomProntera - (165,155)Gives access to the DB Room
Gold RoomProntera - (165,145)Allows you to enter the Gold Room
IcarusProntera - (87,209)Gives quest for the famous Icarus Wings
KonohamaruProntera - (184,194)Can exchange your headprotector for sunglasses
PVP StatsProntera - (173,184)Shows Top 10 players in the PVP Arena
PVP WarperProntera - (155,186)Warps you to a PVP arena
 Event manager     Prontera - (146, 146)  Convert Invasion points to coin