Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How to use macro

Read and Understand first: To use these plugins follow this simple steps. Please follow the steps carefully so you will not mess-up your bot. If you are not sure, create a backup first.

Step 1: Create a plugins folder in your openKore directory (ex: c:\openkore\plugins\) you will use this folder to store your plugins. Plugins are files with .pl extension.

Step 2: Create a blank txt file called macros.txt in your control folder (ex: c:\openKore\control\macros.txt) you can use notepad to create a blank txt or simply right click inside your folder and create a new text document.
You can leave this blank or you can skip this step if you are not using a macro plugin

NOTE: Once you create a plugins folder it will be automatically detected by openKore. if you are using multiple bots (multiple control folders) you must create a macros.txt file in each control folder.