Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Special Weapons

Mailbreaker, Swordbreaker and Slaughter:
  Ragnarok Level 4 Weapon Quest

Hibilaithan (umbala 163, 257)

Location: Umbala map near the north exit portal
Or USE @warp umbala 162,257


- You must be job level 70
- and must have successfully completed the
Level 4 Weapon Prerequisite Quest

These are the Basic Items needed:
- Gold x 10                            - GOLDROOM , gld_dun01 DOKEBI )
- Steel x 50                           -  Steel Chonchon    HAHAHA
- Emperium x 10                   -  orc_dun01/02  Just SPAM SG/LV

The Special Weapon Crafting: requirements for specific weapons

* 10 muscovite    – mailbreaker
* 10 Biotite          – Swordbreaker
* 10 Pyroxene     – Slaughter

Special Note: 
Once you start any of this quests, you can't do any other quest until you finish the first one.


1. Talk to Hibilaithan. This NPC will ask 10 Gold, 50 Steel, 10 Emperium and 30 other special stones depending on what kind of weapon you want to make. You must only put in your inventory 30 of each kind else the NPC will get confused what kind of weapon to make.

2. The test depends on your real life luck. The npc will play a kind of gambling with you. You must guess what he's thinking. You must get atleast 1 correct answer out of 5.
Hmm... maybe you just choose first answer only ^_^

3. If you win, the NPC will make the level 4 weapon depending on the item you gave him. If you llose, he'll take 10 of those special stones in your inventory so you have to re-collect again.
This is sound scary Mhuahhahahah

Good Luck To all Of you, Don't Blame me for choosing First Answer Only

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