Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Customs NPC

Shady Man Prontera - (126,186) 
Gives information to access the Black Market (for a fee)
Author: Nameroc - Black Market v1.2 - Modified for DarkRO
Elven Ears Quest
Geffen - (127,49) Gives quest for Elven Ears
Fashion Glasses
Izlude - (135,96) Gives quest for Fashion Glasses
Iron Cain Quest

Payon - (109,118) Gives quest for Iron Cain
Old Woman
Prontera - (165,178) Gives quest to get the Berzebub Card
Prontera - (161,185) Allows you to vote in Polls
PVP Blackjack
Inside Prontera - (222,36) Allows you to play Blackjack with your friends
Race Girl
Morocc - (166,105) Allows you to be part of a race in Morocc
Son Mudo
Gonryu - (180,117) Gives access to Tougijou (Arena) Event
Sunglasses Trader
Alberta - (88,193) Gives quest to get Slotted Sunglasses
Almost on every maps Warps you to almost anywhere
2-2 Class Shop
Prontera - (155,216) Sells you lots of equips and stuffs
Adoption Man
Prontera Church - (166,176) Allows a couple to adopt a lvl 1/1 novice
Bank Clerk
Prontera - (131,190) Stores your money in the bank (for a little fee)
Battle Square Arena
Prontera - (146,145) Allows you to fight against mobs and win BSA points
Black Jack Dealer
Prontera - (146,156) Offers you to play some Black Jack
Prontera - (183,215) Send messages for you accross the whole map or server
Frederick Second
Prontera Church - (100,123) Can marry two players
GM Castle
Prontera - (146,234) Warps GMs to the GM Castle
Almost in every cities Heals you for a fee (free on Force)
Lotto NPC
Prontera - (164,170) 1/2500 chance to win the jackpot (1/10000 on Force)
Message Man
Prontera - (139,22) Write or read messages on the board
Reset Girl
Prontera - (150,193) Resets your skills for a fee
Stock Market
Prontera - (140,181) Allows you to invest in stocks
Prontera - (170,180) Can change you hair color and style
Angel of Prontera
Travels around in Prontera Tells you which GMs are online
Louyang - (272,112) Chuunin that will make you pass the Genin exam
Novice Guide
Prontera - (146,161) Gives you a Novice Starter kit
Orc Master
Prontera - (145,209) Removes the green "orcish" head effect
Valkyrie Crafter
Gonryun - (37,22) Can craft refined wings out of this world
Wings Collector
Prontera - (98,198) Crafts wings (Devil, Angel Wings, ...)

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